St. Annes Crossing is taking Zinfandel to the next level

While Zinfandel is being produced in large quantities all over California, few producers can offer top quality Zin from a multitude of AVA’s and single vineyards the way St. Annes Crossing can.

ST. Annes Crossing started in 2012 when Wilson Artisan Wines purchased land from the historic St. Francis Winery in Sonoma. Since then, they have been sourcing Zinfandel from multiple vineyards and viticultural areas throughout Sonoma. The Alexander Valley and Dry Creek Valley offer prime conditions for the Zinfandel grapes. Many would agree that these are the prime Zin growing spots in the state, and arguably the world.

Zin is often called “America’s grape”, although it can be traced back to Italy and Croatia before any vines were planted in America. Drinking it, however, can be thought of as an American Experience. It pairs perfectly with a good cheeseburger or grilled meats. It is a versatile wine that could be brought to a picnic or poured at a high- end dining experience. The days of Zin being thought of as a simple wine are long gone. St Annes Cellar Specialist Karen Ahlborn, a wine industry veteran, has noticed many traditional varietals falling out of favor as sales of Zin are on a steady increase.

 St. Annes Crossing produces a staggering 20 to 25 different Zinfandels each year. While the winery also produces a wide selection of other varietals, Zinfandel is king. Winemaker Chris Barrett has managed to bring out the best in these grapes, despite the extremely wide selection of varietals and flavor profiles that the winery offers. This allows the consumer to take a taste tour through the highly diverse terroirs that Sonoma has to offer. Tasting wines from the same year, varietal, and producer, but from different vineyards is always an interesting and educational experience.

The numerous Zinfandels of St. Annes all have one thing in common, quality. While each has its own characteristics, you can count on all of them to deliver the big juicy fruit that Zin is famous for. The winemaker has clearly allowed the grapes to be the star of the show, complete with the complexities, and character that is expected from a high-quality wine. Like most Zinfandels, I believe these wines are best consumed while they are young. My personal favorites are ‘The Ranch” and “ Hammertown”. Allow your personal preferences to be your guide.

Whether you are coming from China or anywhere in the United States, visiting St. Annes Crossing is an excellent experience that should not be missed during any wine country trip. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about their wines. The tasting room is located in the heart of Sonoma, with several other wineries close by. Most of the wines at St. Annes are around $30 to $40 dollars per bottle, with some exceptions. Internet sales are available at


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